Peppers, Bell

Peppers, Bell

Sweet bell peppers are beautifully shaped, glossy vegetables that range in color from pale yellowish-white, yellow and orange to purples and browns. Called “bell” because of their shape, they have a crunchy texture and mild, sweet, tangy taste. Green and purple bells have a slightly bitter flavor, while the red, orange and yellow ones are sweeter.

The substance that controls hotness in peppers, called capsaicin, is very small in bell peppers. They are very high in vitamin C with good quantities of vitamin B6, vitamin A, folate and fiber. Paprika is a dried powdered form of bell pepper.

"Bell peppers are also known as sweet peppers, and are native to Mexico and Central and South America. Red bell peppers (the sweetest) are actually ripened green peppers."

The Lowdown

  • Season
  • Color
    Pale Yellowish-White, White, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Brown, Red, Green
  • Select
    Choose peppers that have deep vivid colors and firm skin that is free of soft spots, blemishes and darkened areas. Their stems should be green and fresh looking. Peppers should be heavy for their size.
  • Store
    Unwashed sweet peppers stored in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator will keep for approximately 7-10 days.

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