Sometimes nothing is better than a juicy beef steak, straight off the grill! Our beef producers can satisfy just about anyone’s needs, offering a large variety of cuts from steaks and chops, to ground beef, roasts, and ribs.

The meat they provide is grass-fed, meaning it’s lower in fat, has more omega-3 than corn-fed beef, and these animals have a much smaller carbon footprint! Why wouldn’t you buy your beef at the market?!

Meat-eaters rejoice! The farmers' market has the best grass-fed beef there is!

The Lowdown

  • Season
  • Color
    Deep Red
  • Select
    Meat is usually graded by the USDA. Look for marbling in the meat for best flavor and tenderness; no graying around the edges.
  • Store
    Store for up to 3 days in the refrigerator or freeze in airtight packaging up to 12 months.

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