Arugula is one of those winter greens you should really try. Also called salad rocket, roquette, Italian cress and rucola, it has a bright green color with small lobed leaves. The mild peppery and herbaceous flavor works well with other greens, adding a little “kick” to your salads.

It can be used both raw and lightly cooked as a bed for fresh seafood, chopped on a simple cheese and tomato pizza, added to a BLT or grilled cheese sandwich, or tossed in a mixed green salad.

Arugula pairs well with citrus, roasted beets, pears, and apples, pine nuts, olives, tomatoes, and robust cheeses such as goat, blue and Parmesan.

Arugula adds spice to your salads with its mild peppery and herbaceous flavor.

The Lowdown

  • Season
  • Color
  • Select
    Choose arugula with firm, bright green leaves. If you are buying it bunched, it should feel heavy. This is a sign of moisture and freshness.
  • Store
    Place in an resealable storage bag and store in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator.

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