Winters Fruit Tree

Winters, CA
Winters Fruit Tree
The Winters Fruit Tree business was begun in the 1920’s by our grandparents Paulina and Phillip Lupertino in the Santa Clara Valley as a small farm selling mostly cherries and apricots to local food processors.

With the urban growth of the Santa Clara Valley, we relocated to Winters in the Sacramento Valley in 1967 where we began to concentrate on the drying of fruit, mostly apricots and prunes under the name Merry Rose Orchards. By 1968, our father William Arthur Carter, a Stanford and USF graduate in biochemistry with a concentration in food, built and opened a year-round fruit stand on State Highway 128 where we sold our dried and fresh fruit. With the development of the stand we began growing and selling other products such as almonds, pistachios, and walnuts.

Today we sell to many farmers' markets and enjoy talking with customers about our product.

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