Terry Farms

Denair, CA
Terry Farms

I’ve been farming for fifty-four years and got my first start helping my father when I was a young boy. By sixteen I had joined Future Farmers of America and in 1967 I bought my own ranch.

We do everything ourselves on the farm, harvesting our fruits by hand and only the nuts by machine. Our farm originally sold our produce to canneries, but after years of doing this we felt as though more and more of the canneries were being outsourced to Mexico.

We wanted to be a part of something much more local and contribute our efforts to our community. Soon after, we discovered that farmers’ markets were a great outlet to sell our produce and become more involved with the community. We sell 100% of our product to farmers’ markets.

It’s such a satisfying feeling to produce high quality products you know people will enjoy. We thoroughly enjoy visiting with our customers face-to-face and the other farmers.

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