Shelly's Farm

Brentwood, CA
Shelly's Farm

Farm Size: 9.2 acres
Shelly’s Farm Fresh is a small 10 acre family farm in Brentwood. This rich East County agricultural area has the ability to grow a variety of crops because of the incredible climate and soil. We have been fortunate to raise our four sons on our farm and watch them grow up in the sunshine, building forts, playing ball, and learning about the cycle of life while caring for our animals.

We are committed to growing our crops and raising our hens in a sustainable manner without the use of any chemicals. We use on-farm compost and cover crops during the winter months to build up the soil. We started raising chickens for ourselves and it has taken off because of the delicious taste of an egg from a pasture-raised hen. We have been told from a number of customers that once someone tries one of our farm fresh eggs, they can’t go back to any other. We also know that we are providing a healthy egg because the hens are roaming around on pasture, eating grass and scratching for bugs. In addition, we grow culinary herbs and tomatoes. Nothing beats a vine ripened tomato with fresh sweet basil for dinner. Using common and unusual herbs is always an education. There is never one way to use cinnamon basil or sorrel.  Every season when the crops come up it renews our dedication to farming.

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