Organic Pastures Dairy Company, LLC

Fresno, CA
Organic Pastures Dairy Company, LLC
We offer raw milk, cheeses, kefir, and butter from our pastured cows and sheep that have been triple tested for safety. We don’t pasteurize, homogenize or otherwise alter our products. Everything is 100% organic and packaged with care.

The foundations of OPDC, the love of cows and raw milk, go back to our childhoods where we grew up on the family farm and dairy in the 1960’s. We made the decision as brothers to bring back the family dairy and farming operations. We inherited from our grandparents but were too young to farm on our own. After years of leasing the land to other farmers, the brothers were excited to take on this new challenge.

We love the response from our farmers’ market customers when they come back for more! Nourishing healthy families is our mission! We do everything from the grass to the glass.


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