Oakdale Cheese

Oakdale, CA
Oakdale Cheese

Farm Size: 3 acres
Our family has been making handcrafted cheese for four generations (and counting). Our founders Walter and Lenneke Bulk brought their cheese-making passion and skill from the Netherlands in 1979, and have created a cheese-loving culture with their family and community. Using Walter’s Grandma’s recipes from the old country, we have continued the legacy of quality cheese today.

We take pride in our creation of classic Gouda cheeses, all made in small batches. Try our mild, aged, or smoked Gouda, or mix it up with our flavored Gouda cheeses like cumin, garlic basil, and black pepper blend. Ask us about our specialty products as well, we love curious customers!

Walter and Lenneke’s son, John, is our head cheesemaker. He and his wife Jessica help lead the company in the production of artisan cheese and in the education of the community. 


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