Live Pure Soap Company

El Cerrito, CA
Live Pure Soap Company
I started my business two years ago making soap with palm oil. After discovering the issues with deforestation, I formulated a palm free recipe and have been expanding my soap line and product line since. Live Pure Soaps is our way of fighting the use of palm oil and the mass deforestation that it causes. We choose to be different so we can help change the world for the better.

We make high quality natural soap products free of parabens, phthalates and chemicals. Our products are made with ingredients like moisturizing oils, clays, butters, essential oils, salts and other natural additives to create an original, luxurious product. We are also working on liquid soaps, lotions, and bath bombs, in addition to seasonal blends!

Being at two farmers’ markets a week and being able to talk with customers about my product is what helps to make our soaps relevant. It is not only about the product but the discussion behind them.


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