Hamlow Farms

Turlock, CA
Hamlow Farms

Farm Size: 580 acres
Since 1960, we have been providing quality stone fruit, citrus, and nuts to about 60 farmers’ markets from our 3rd generation, family-run farm. Early on, we started by drying peaches and as our farm grew, we diversified to other stone fruit and nuts.

We offer many different varieties of peaches, nectarines, cherries, plums, and several varieties of citrus. Walnut and almonds are grown as well.

Watching trees grow and tending to their needs is one of the joys of farming. Providing freshly picked fruit to customers at farmers’ market and talking with them about our product is enjoyable as well.

The next generation is already working on the ranch and tending to the trees. They also enjoy helping out at the many farmers’ markets we attend each week. The love of farming is ingrained in them and we’re glad of it.

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