Great Valley Poultry

Manteca, CA
Great Valley Poultry

Farm Size: 4.5 acres
We raise and maintain a flock of approximately 80,000 birds for their eggs. The 50,000 to 60,000 birds housed in seven houses, which total 130,000 square feet, are allowed to roam free inside the house and behave naturally. We are very thoughtful about what the chickens eat and know that a great tasting egg is a result of a healthy diet for the chicken.

Great Valley Poultry was begun in 1965 by our father and grandfather, and today our family lives on the same land where we continue the family business. We love raising live animals and working for ourselves; the flexibility of farming and running our own business allows us to spend time with our children. We have been selling at farmers’ markets for over six years and attend ten markets a week. Great Valley Poultry's eggs are freshest at the farmers’ market, often gathered the day before!

We’re proud to be one of the few family-run farms still in business and our farming philosophy is to keep things as simple as possible. Our son is studying Poultry Science & Ag Business to take over the farm one day.

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