First Generation Farmers

Knightsen, CA
First Generation Farmers
Farm Size: 15 acres
We began in 2013 when I, Alli Cecchini, then in my early twenties, persuaded my parents, Bob and Barbara Cecchini, to let me convert a few acres of the family’s vast, century-old asparagus farm to diversified organic production. Having grown up on the farm and watched my parents manage their business through many ups and downs, I was not driven by romantic notions.

We are organic and grow a variety of vegetable row crops, from lettuce and cabbage, to beets, onions, and more. By inviting customers to “Take what you need, pay what you can,” FGF engages people from all walks of life in a conversation about the importance of making fresh, healthy food accessible to everyone, and about what it means to value the work of small-scale producers who live nearby and devote themselves wholly to growing good food and stewarding the land responsibly.

I wanted to use First Generation Farmers as a platform for inspiring and supporting new farmers to take up the task of feeding their neighbors and restoring our food system to an ecologically sustainable, human scale.

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