Devoto Gardens

Sebastopol, CA
Devoto Gardens
Organic Certified Since 2010
Farm Size: 46 acres
We started our farm on 2.5 acres in 1976, and are proud to have grown to the 46 acres that we work with today. We are a family-focused operation, and remain as hands-on as possible with our work, grafting and planting.

At Devoto Gardens, a lot of care goes into the production of our apples and persimmons. Sonoma County is known for its good land and orchards (especially apples), and we work hard to uphold that reputation. We currently grow more than 50 varieties of apples, all with an emphasis on sustainability and healthy ecosystem processes.

My daughters and their families are an integral part of the farm. They love the land like I do and I hope they will continue the good work!

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