Country Rhodes Family Farm

Visalia, CA
Country Rhodes Family Farm

Farm Size: 30 acres
Country Rhodes Family Farm started in the early 1940’s, with my grandpa purchasing the land and starting a fruit stand. I started to fall in love with farming in college, and am here still attending all of the markets to sell. The farm now successfully supports up to 17 farmers’ markets in peak season, and I’ve made many friends of the loyal customers who visit and shop.

The farm grows a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including grapes, figs, watermelon, tangerines, artichokes, avocados, eggplant, garlic, and much more. If you’re curious about what we grow or what is in season, please do not hesitate to ask as we love sharing about what is growing on the farm!

Farmers’ markets have supported our farm from the beginning, and we plan to continue selling at markets throughout the Bay Area, sharing our California bounty with local communities.


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