B & B Ranch

Linden, CA
B & B Ranch

Farm Size: 170 acres
We are fourth generation farmers and our family has farmed the same land for over fifty years. All of our fruit is harvested “tree ripe” for optimum flavor and overall quality. What we love about farming is the variety it brings us in our day-to-day activities.

One day we’re meeting with bankers and the next day we’re in the field, fixing broken sprinklers. It’s constantly changing and we’re never quite sure what the day will bring us. However, not only are the business aspects and management of farming changing; farmers today have to be a lot more sustainable than those of fifty years ago. By farming in a sustainable manner, we’re enriching our local environment and communities by attending farmers’ markets.

We attend three to four markets a week and our nephews will usually come along to help out. Our hard work pays off and we can tell when people appreciate a piece of fruit that was picked at the peak of flavor, it’s very rewarding. We also enjoy talking with the customers and giving them a little farming knowledge they can take with home them.

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B&B Ranch’s farming philosophy is to grow the best fruits and vegetables while using farming practices that provide for a sustainable environment.  We bring customers the best farm-fresh produce at a fair and reasonable price. Our goal is to carry on the tradition of farming on the same land for generations to come.

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