What To Do With An Artichoke

What To Do With An Artichoke
Posted September 9, 2015

Artichokes are one of those veggies that most people look at and think, "What do I do with this, how do I cook with it?" This spiny looking vegetable is absolutely delicious if you know how to approach it. Below, our Cookin' the Market chef tells you how to "turn" an artichoke, that is, removing the spiny leaves to get to the artichoke heart.

How to Turn  an Artichoke We love artichokes and find prepping them quite soothing. Here are some easy steps to get your artichokes ready to enjoy.

Young artichokes are much easier to prepare, as the flesh is still tender. The hairy choke is less developed and edible so it doesn’t have to be removed. Older or bigger artichokes need to have their thistle removed. (Simply cut the artichokes in half and remove the hairy bits with a spoon or a paring knife.)

Step 1: Place the artichoke on its side and remove the tough outer leaves. Turn the artichoke and repeat to remaining sides.

Step 2. Slice off about one-third of the leaves from the end of the artichoke, and discard them.

Step 3. Next, peel the stalk. Take the artichoke in one hand and a paring knife in the other and gently carve off the tough outer skin. Take off as little as possible. Be sure to follow the natural lines of the artichoke stem.

After turning the artichokes, place them in acidulated water (water with citrus juice added) to keep them bright and green. Thinly slice the remaining flesh and eat raw or deep fried, or, for a simple cooking method, cook whole.

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