Pick of the Week - 6 Uses for Almonds

Pick of the Week - 6 Uses for Almonds
Posted October 6, 2015

Almonds are the largest tree crop in California. They've taken a hit with the drought, and many growers have plowed under their trees. But almonds are still here and farmers are learning new methods to water their trees in a more efficient manner. Almonds are high in protein and carbohydrates and considered one of the healthy oils to eat. They are high on riboflavin, niacin, manganese, phosphorous, thiamine, and over 170% of the recommended vitamin E. Use them in new ways to get the health benefits and all the flavor:

  • Grind and use as a crust in desserts.
  • Chop as a topping on pies.
  • Slice and toss into salads
  • Add to stir fry dishes.
  • Grind, mix with herbs and oil, and use as a crust on fish dishes.
  • Add chopped almonds into your next smoothie.

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