Perfect Winter Radishes

Perfect Winter Radishes
Posted December 20, 2016

Winter radishes are all about pungent, sharp, and aggressive flavors that work well with other winter produce like citrus and winter greens. They stay crisp longer than spring varieties, store longer, and are very good when pickled and jarred for appetizers or condiments.They can be cooked, unlike spring varieties. Roast or sauté to bring out the flavors. Minimal preparation will bring out the best that winter radishes have to offer. They are packed full of vitamin C, zinc, phosphorous, and fiber. Select radishes that are hard and have bright fresh greens. Avoid soft or scarred radishes. Loosely wrapped and refrigerated, winter radishes will keep in your vegetable bin for several weeks with no diminishing of flavor or texture.

  • Toss in salads with citrus
  • Roast with other root vegetables for sharpness and zing!
  • Top appetizers - water crackers or wheat crackers, cream cheese, winter radishes

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