PCFMA Grows a Garden

PCFMA Grows a Garden
Posted July 18, 2013

sunflowers in gardenPacific Coast Farmers’ Market operates over 70 farmers’ markets in the Bay Area but never had a vegetable garden of its own. Well, that’s changed! We now have our own urban garden - four plots of planting area in front of our offices in Concord and we’re proud to say we’ve just picked our first tomatoes, herbs, and a big fat cucumber!

We began planting in late May with many staff members bringing seedlings from home and from the markets. PCFMA now has a variety of heirloom tomatoes, green onions, squash, cucumbers, kale, sunflowers, various herbs like basil and parsley, and even an apricot tree!

And as the season’s change, so will the plantings. We look forward to winter squash, lettuce, and other seasonal produce. In our own little ecosystem we have turkeys in pcfma gardencreated an area for staff to get outside and get some fresh air or pick veggies for their lunch (the herbs are right outside the kitchen break room!) or to help water and weed.

We also have critters like insects and lizards. And this morning we even had wild turkeys who arrived on our doorstep - a mother and four little babies! What fun it was to see them pecking at the ground for bugs and other tasty goodies! It's so exciting to arrive at work in the morning and see how things have grown and to see what's new! We recommend you start your own backyard urban garden. It's amazingly rewarding and the fruits of your labor are very very tasty! Check out the PCFMA Facebook page to view more great garden photos! Photos by Keith Wall, awesome Market Manager par excellence!

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