A New Vision for PCFMA

Posted April 28, 2015

For over 25 years the Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association has been organizing farmers’ markets in the San Francisco Bay Area to help California farmers sell their products and sustain their farm businesses. When a small group of farmers first got together in 1988 to form PCFMA they never imagined that one day their customers would be able to order fresh produce through their computer for home delivery, that major healthcare and educational institutions would have an interest in buying locally-grown food, or that Central Valley farmers would need to drill wells 100 feet down to have enough water to sustain their crops.

Earlier this year the PCFMA Board of Directors challenged itself to think creatively about how PCFMA can continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of local farmers while adapting to the changing local food system. Despite the evident challenges of the drought and increasing agricultural imports to the state, the PCFMA Board remains committed to an optimistic vision for California: “We envision happy and successful California farmers providing locally-grown food in vibrant markets.” To pursue this vision the Board also crafted a new mission statement: “We empower California farmers to be enormously successful in Bay Area communities.”

The new mission statement, while simpler than the previous one, sustains PCFMA’s core commitment to California farmers and their ultimate success. Over the coming months the PCFMA Board of Directors and staff will continue to engage in a strategic planning process to ensure that PCFMA is well-positioned to adapt to changes in the food system, the regulatory environment, and the state’s growing conditions. This strategic plan will ensure that PCFMA is able to continue to be a leader in California’s agricultural direct marketing system.

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