New Farmers' Market Postage Stamps Arrive!

New Farmers' Market Postage Stamps Arrive!
Posted November 11, 2014

stamp 3Stalls filled with gorgeous fruits and vegetables, flowers, bread, eggs, and herbs are the subject of the new set of four farmers' market themed postage stamps. Each one is a colorful reminder of how important farmers' markets are to our community, our farmers, and our health, and how they are much more than just places to buy fruit and vegetables. They support the local economy and provide us with a connection to what we eat.

Each of the four stamp designs shows a group of special items you would find at your local farmers' market. One has fruits and vegetables, another has colorful flowers, the third depicts fresh bread, artisan cheese, and eggs, and the last one has fresh herbs and potted plants. This communitystamp 1 gathering place is how artist Robin Moline depicts a farmers' market.

Earlier this year Daniel Best, general counsel for the California Federation of Certified Farmers' Markets and Barbara Plunkett, stamp 4the Postal Service's district manager in Sacramento unveiled the series of stamps at Capitol Mall. Also in attendance was John Silveira, director of Pacific Coast Farmers' Market Association. He says "Farmers markets can change the culture in a community and I think the stamp is a recognition of that."

Show your support for your local farmers' markets and your community by purchasing some of these gorgeous stamps. These commemorative stamps and other related farmers' market stamp products can be purchased at your local post office or at

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