Locally Grown California Flowers

Locally Grown California Flowers
Posted February 3, 2014

The local movement has reached the California nursery business. Flowers purchased locally are just plain fresher. Debra Prinzing's book The 50 Mile Bouquet: Seasonal, Local and Sustainable Flowers, "draws the comparison between the locavore movement in food and a growing awareness among consumers about the origins of the flowers they buy." The local food movement is here and thriving so why not extend it to other products we consumers use and enjoy?

Most flowers you see at the supermarket are imported, mass-produced and laden with chemicals. They have been bred to be uniform in color and shape, to be durable during shipping, and to last longer during transit. But they’ve lost the variety, fragrance and beauty of locally grown flowers. An increasing number of local farmers are growing flowers for the farmers’ market and get their fresh-cut flowers to you within 48 hours, as opposed to one or two weeks for non-local growers. Local nurseries have gorgeous blooms, fragrant and lively with beautiful colors and shapes. And they have the additional perk of a smaller carbon footprint, delivered to market within 100 miles instead of shipped across the country (or from across the sea!) In Northern California, Half Moon Bay and Watsonville have the perfect climate to grow gorgeous flowers and plants.

And you'll always get a better product the closer to the source your purchase is. Local nurseries and flower growers are proud of their offerings and they work hard to grow the best flowers and plants available. Steve Fernandes of Sunrise Nursery in Watsonville says the drought has had an effect on the quantity of flowers he can grow, but the quality is still there. He and other local nurseries are able to grow specialty flower varieties, suited to our climate, and that other mass-produced flower farms cannot provide.

Enjoying flowers that are grown locally rather than those that are shipped from other countries reminds you to observe nature throughout the year and enjoy each season as it comes. Visit  California Grown Flowers Facebook page for fun facts and ideas.

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