Lemon Cucumbers - Hidden Gems at the Market

Lemon Cucumbers - Hidden Gems at the Market
Posted June 2, 2017

Lemon cucumbers are one of the hidden gems at your local farmers’ market. Mounds of these fun whitish-yellow tennis-ball-sized orbs are available now through August or September. They are named, not for a lemony flavor, but for the color and shape of the cucumber.

There are ancient texts that mention lemon cucumber in the Middle East. Today they are widely used in Indian food such as soup, curry, chutney, and daal. The lemon cucumber is believed to have been introduced to the United States in the early 1900s.

The little round cucumbers arae a lovely shade of pale to medium yellow  and offer a mild cucumber taste that’s less acidic than other cucumbers. It is also a “burpless” variety, meaning it is less bitter and will not have an aftertaste. It has a crisp texture and is easily incorporated wherever you would use a regular English or Persian cucumber. Lemon cucumber skin has tiny bristles that are edible but may be easily removed by easily rubbing them off with a soft towel.

Lemon cucumbers are a natural diuretic, contain vitamins A and C, and potassium. A full cup is only 15 calories.

Uses for Lemon Cucumber:

  • Make pickles. Mix with regular pickling cucumbers or jar them on their own.
  • Slice into salads for great texture and crispness.
  • Make a chilled cucumber soup, perfect for summer.
  • Slice and add to chilled water or a cocktail.
  • Serve with a platter of cheeses, crackers, fruit, and black olives.

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