Kumquats, You Say?

Kumquats, You Say?
Posted December 29, 2017

Tasting sweet and juicy on the inside and bitter on the outside, the kumquat is a small oval fruit from the citrus family. They’re here through April and offer a lively flavor to spring dishes.

Buy kumquats with bright, smooth skins that feel a bit heavy for their small size. Avoid kumquats with bruises, cuts, or blemishes of any kind – the edible skin is more delicate and tender than that of other citrus fruits, and also more susceptible to damage.

Eat or use kumquats as soon after purchasing as you can – unlike other citrus fruits, kumquats don’t have a long shelf life. If you do need to store them for a few days, keep kumquats in a paper bag or loosely wrapped in plastic in the fridge. Kumquats make a great snack or light dessert eaten out of hand, or added whole or halved to fruits salads.

They are also a great addition to crunchy winter salads like Endive Kumquat Salad. They can also be canned and preserved and delicious over ice cream or plain yogurt. There are various crossed varieties now appearing at your local market. Mandarinquats are obviously a cross between a Mandarin orange and a kumquat.

There are also tangy limequats and other small, brightly flavored crosses. Taking into consideration their inherent flavor differences, these little gems make great additions to your recipes, just as kumquats can. They also are good when eaten right out of the bag.

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