A Handful of Blueberries

A Handful of Blueberries
Posted April 19, 2017

“You ought to have seen what I saw on my way
To the village, through Mortenson’s pasture today:
Blueberries as big as the end of your thumb,
Real sky-blue, and heavy, and ready to drum
In the cavernous pail of the first one to come!”
“ Blueberries” by Robert Frost

Amazing sweet blueberries are arriving at your farmers’ market towards the end of the month. Several local farms such as Triple Delight and Alpine Blue will be bringing plump antioxidant-rich berries for blueberry muffins, salads, desserts, and for just plain good eatin’ by the handful.

These all-American berries are one of the only fruits native to North America, and have been traced as far back at 13,000 years! The varieties in California are grown on shrubs and picked by hand so the berries are not compromised. No machines are used. Small local growers bring these hand-picked berries to your local farmers’ market from small family farms whose careful production and harvest give you the best product available. They may be a bit more pricey than blueberries sold in the grocery store, but you know these farmers’ market berries are locally grown in the Northern California foothills and are the best in flavor.

Favorite Ways with Blueberries

  • Blueberry Muffins
  • Blueberry Pancakes
  • Spinach and Blueberry Salad
  • Blueberry Coulis
  • Blueberry Yogurt Honey Popsicles
  • By the Handful! Eat slightly frozen for a real treat!

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