Hall’s Organic Farm – Farming the Way Nature Intended

Hall’s Organic Farm – Farming the Way Nature Intended
Posted March 31, 2017

Showing a customer little balls of tight purple leaves with beautiful streaks of color, Stevie Hall explains that it is the side growth of a regular red cabbage. At the Concord Farmers’ Market he explains how he grows these and other organic fruits and vegetables with little disruption to the environment.

Another customer browses the booth and comments on, how pretty everything looks and how inviting it feels with all of the colorful produce. That’s just the way Stevie likes it. He wants people to appreciate his organic fruits and vegetables for both the beauty and their flavor. He wants customers to understand that letting nature do its thing is the best way to get the best produce - and to take care of the ecosystem. You can see the love he has for the land and the produce he grows just by watching him talk about his farm and what he grows with his customers.

Stevie Hall’s interest in agriculture started in high school where he raised animals in Future Farmers’ of America and the local 4-H Club, learning ownership and responsibility with the animals at a young age. While at Hartnell College he took classes in crop production and food safety. Stevie received college credit when he took a part-time field position at the USDA Agricultural Research Service and subsequently learned the tools needed to start his own farm.

Hall began farming on a half-acre while juggling school and work. Over the next five years, he became committed to becoming a full-time farmer. Stevie now has five acres in Spreckels, CA, and now grows more than 30 varieties of fruits and vegetables. He sells at local farmers’ markets and other wholesale outlets.

Stevie said, “Our agro-ecological approach to growing certified organic produce allows us to reduce and minimize our use of organic sprays, while offering customers the best produce around!”

He plants many different crops and varieties within the same area of the field, allowing for crop diversity. This also results in fewer pest infestations. Among their integrated pest management techniques, Hall’s Organic Farm employs the use of beneficial companion plantings which draws in helpful predator insects to hunt those that hurt crops.

“I started the farm by myself, from the beginning, with no family involved. I love growing strawberries as well as vegetables, even though they are extremely labor intensive to manage,” Stevie said proudly.

He offers a wide variety of seasonal vegetables, all grown organically, and with great care for the land. He greets his customers with a smile at each farmers’ market, offering the best organic produce he can. Stop by and say hello, and enjoy some of his little “side-growth” cabbages, cauliflower leaves, and other delicious fruits and vegetables. He’s at the Concord Tuesday Farmers’ Market every week!

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