The Giant Pumpkin Has Returned!

The Giant Pumpkin Has Returned!
Posted October 4, 2017

The Giant Pumpkins have arrived, just in time for you to guess their weight! That means these perfect orbs or orange squash greatness will be appearing at your local farmers' market this month. Through the month of October they will be shared among our markets so that everyone can get a chance to guess their mighty heftiness and take a picture with them for posterity. They will hold pride of place at different markets on various market days, so you must check with your market manager to see when they will appear.

Borchard Farms, the "Home of the Giant Pumpkins," is the grower of these magnificent speciments in the fertile fields of Salinas. The name PCFMA is inscribed on the pumpkin, then left on the vine until it grows enough to "scar" and leave the name visible. Clever!

Along with the arrival of these beauties, markets will have costume contests, pumpkin giveaways, and other fall arts and crafts. You could win a pumpkin and other great prizes for the myriad of contests being held. Pumpkins, gourds, and other winter squash will also be available from various farmers. Be sure to pick up several to decorate for the holiday!

Happy Fall! See you at the market!

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