Five Ways to Use a Pomelo

Five Ways to Use a Pomelo
Posted December 15, 2016

Also called pummelo, pamplemousse, and shaddock, pomelos originated in Southeast Asia. They are the largest of the citrus fruits, and most closely related to grapefruits. They have a very thick bumpy rind and taste like a milder version of a grapefruit. 

What do I do with a pomelo, you ask? Here are some ideas to enjoy this sweeter milder version of a grapefruit.

  • Use as you would a grapefruit in a winter or early spring salad with sliced avocado, red onion, and mixed greens or spinach leaves. A mild citrus/honey vinaigrette would blend well with it.
  • Broil pomelo sections with a bit of brown sugar and serve with salmon or other fish.
  • Juice it as you would a grapefruit and pour over ice. (Great for margaritas!)
  • Make a pomelo mint sorbet with sugar, water, and juiced pomelo.
  • Can it! Peel and seed sections of pomelo and oranges and get out the canning jars!

Please remember that pomelos acts much the same way as grapefruit when it comes to drug interactions. Check with your healthcare provider for advice.

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