Citrus and Crab - the Perfect Pairing!

Citrus and Crab - the Perfect Pairing!
Posted January 5, 2018

Guess what goes great with citrus? Dungeness crab! It's the season for this delicious crustacean in Northern California and citrus is the perfect partner for crab. Sweet crab pairs well with blood oranges, grapefrut, limes, or lemons.

The crab pots are out and the crustaceans are plentiful as the 2017-18 Dungeness crab season begins. Fishermen are very optimistic this year about the quantity and the quality of the crab and we could be looking at a record-setting year. From mid-November to April you can find one of the Bay Area's most iconic foods, fresh Dungeness crab, at your local farmers' market. Buy them whole or get your seafood seller to crack and clean them for you.

Here are some ideas for pairing citrus and crab. Remember that simplest is best, letting the flavors of both citrus and crab shine through:

  • Simple steamed crab with lemon butter.
  • Crab Cakes with lime aioli
  • Crab salad with orange-mustard dressing
  • Citrus-marinated po' boy on a French roll with lemon mayo
  • Crab, red onion, and blood orange salad with orange vinaigrette

There are many more ways to enjoy California's famous Dungeness crab. Just add citrus for a lively fresh flavor and you've got it made!



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