Best Picks - 5 Tips for Selecting Watermelon

Best Picks - 5 Tips for Selecting Watermelon
Posted August 25, 2015

Just like the name says, watermelon is about 95% water. Most melons come to market at around 10 to 15 pounds, but can grow as large as 100 pounds. There are now many hybrid watermelons, a lot different than the ones you grew up with. Some are oblong, some round, some dark green, some striped. And the flesh is not just bright pink anymore, but now some have gorgeous yellow or pale orange interiors. It all makes for a very interesting summer - deciding which ones to try. 5 Tips for Selecting, Storing, and Using Watermelon

  1. Choose one that is heavy for its size and has a nice deep solid sound when thumped.
  2. Choose one that has a pale yellow patch (not soft or moldy!) on one side of it. This indicates it was left on the vine to ripen and not picked before it was ready, meaning it will be the sweetest.
  3. Store in the refrigerator whole. Or if it is too large, cut into pieces (Wash before cutting) and wrap tightly with plastic wrap, then store in the refrigerator. It is best if used within a week.
  4. When ready to eat, wash rind thoroughly. Cut down the center with a large knife. Be careful! Cut into wedges or cubes.
  5. Use in salads, make fruit skewers, place wedges on the grill, or just eat a big juicy wedge!

Enjoy the sweet flavor of summer in a big slice of cold watermelon. They should be available at your farmers' market through September.

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