The Baby Bear Pumpkin

The Baby Bear Pumpkin
Posted October 16, 2018

Perfectly proportioned for little hands, these charming pumpkins are just the right size for children. They're small pumpkins at 5 to 6" in diameter, 3.5 to 4" tall, with smooth, deep orange skin and solid, dark green stems. Baby Bear pumpkins were developed by R. Johnston, Jr. and one of its genetic parents was the New England Pie pumpkin. This variety was released in 1992 and registered under the Plant Variety Protection Act in 1993.

Weighing in at only one to two pounds, the Baby Bear has a finely textured flesh that tastes great when roasted and pureed for rich soups, in pies, and for sides. It has thin seeds which are great for roasting as well.

Its miniature size and round shape allows for an alternative use as a bowl to serve soup, stews, and chili. They are also great for hollowing out and using as a vase for fresh fall flowers and as tabletop or porch decorations.

Pick pumpkins when they are deeply coloured, deep orange or golden white and stems and vines have dried and turned brown. The rind should be hard, not easily penetrated by a finger nail. Best when 2"-4" of stem attached to the pumpkin so that it does not readily dry out.

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